SketchUp Talk: SketchUp for Woodworkers with Dave Richards

Dave Richards isn't just a SketchUp superuser, he's also one of the most helpful SketchUppers on the planet (literally). Dave is a SketchUp Forum Sage, meaning that he's willing and able to answer most (if not all) questions that SketchUp users around the world pose to the forum.

When he's not busy helping others, he can be found developing his own methods for texturing and modeling small components, authoring SketchUp how-to books, and creating beautiful pieces of furniture.

We're so excited to welcome Dave to SketchUp Talk to chat about his passion for SketchUp, community building, woodworking projects, and "The Dave Method."

Dave Richards is an expert modeler & woodworker

On this episode of SketchUp Talk, Caroline, Aaron, & Dave talk about:

  • What it means to be a SketchUp Sage
  • His addiction to the SketchUp Forum
  • How he uses SketchUp for woodworking projects
  • His approach to custom textures
  • “The Dave Method”