SketchUp Talk: Learning SketchUp with Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown is no stranger to SketchUp. Formally a SketchUp trainer at Google, Daniel now owns his own SketchUp training and design business where he helps users of all levels learn and master SketchUp and LayOut. 

This week on SketchUp Talk, Daniel chats with us about the SketchUp Trainer and his design work, including this year's Philadelphia Flower Show. From conception to execution, Daniel was the brains behind the show's main entrance, or as he calls it, the "WOW factor." Listen in as he shares the details of that project and more. 

Daniel Brown of the

On this episode of SketchUp Talk, Caroline, Aaron, and Daniel chat about: 

  • Daniel's progression from architecture student to full-time SketchUp trainer and designer
  • His (amazing!) work on this year's Philadelphia Flower Show
  • Daniel's distinct hybrid design style 
  • What to expect from his classes at 3D Basecamp 2018


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