Need to learn SketchUp? Come to 3D Basecamp 2018!

Does this sound familiar? You’re in the middle of a SketchUp project, working out how to rescale a backsplash texture. You’ve basically figured it out, but now the tile looks fuzzy and just kind of… not right. It’s frustrating, and you have a sudden urge to give up and go compare Instant Pots on Amazon.

And that’s when you think: “Y’know, I really need to just sit down and spend some time learning SketchUp.”

If you’ve had that experience, you should know: the best way/place/time to learn SketchUp is 3D Basecamp 2018, this September in Palm Springs, California. Take a look at our 3D Basecamp Program, and we think you’ll agree.

The 3D Basecamp 2018 Program is chock-full of SketchUp learning… and we’re still adding sessions!

At our last few Basecamps, we’ve noticed more and more people attending with the goal of learning -- or re-learning -- SketchUp. So, we’ve built in a lot more hands-on learning into this year’s Basecamp. Here’s how it works:

Sign-up for the 3D Basecamp Conference & Essential Training ticket, and you’ll have the opportunity to take SketchUp 101 and 201 courses, as well as core training for architectural design, design/build, and interior design. That’s all on top of an incredible agenda of presentations: details and estimates, drones and scanning, VR and visualization, 3D printing and CNC, concept art and prop-making, low-poly and sub-division… if it matters to modelers, it’s on the agenda for 3D Basecamp 2018.

You can also choose our 3D Basecamp Training Intensive ticket and roll up your sleeves for two dedicated days of SketchUp training before the core conference begins. This training also features 101 and 201 courses, and goes into even more depth for intermediate and advanced modeling.

Or, buy an All Access ticket to the full event and really commit to nailing your SketchUp learning goals. (Psst… this is our top seller, and it will probably go fast!)

Last thing: 3D Basecamp isn’t just a ridiculously affordable way to get some SketchUp training*; it’s also a ridiculously fun week to spend with like-minded folks who are curious, collaborative, and just the right amount of quirky. This clip from our last 3D Basecamp pretty much says it all…

*Take a look around: $500 for two full-days of hands-on training is an incredible deal… just like SketchUp.