Modeling a screw part one: the threaded rod

I have seen this question multiple times in the forums: how do I draw a screw in SketchUp? I’m not always sure why, but the question keeps surfacing.

Often times the solution is simple: just download a screw from 3D Warehouse (there are literally thousands of them). If you MUST draw a screw from scratch, then the quickest solution is probably to grab an extension from Extension Warehouse (like EP Fasteners or Draw Wohrl).

However, my inner-trainer has a problem with this solution. “No!,” inner-trainer yells. “Teach them! Teach them the ways of the screw! Give a 3D modeler a screw, and you have helped them with a single model. Teach a 3D modeler to draw a threaded rod, and you have given them new Sketchup skills.”

In that spirit, let’s dive into modeling a screw, in two parts. Part 1: modeling a threaded rod using only native SketchUp commands.