Meet the team behind SketchUp

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”
~ African Proverb

Meet the SketchUp Team on our new team page

In 2005, I joined the SketchUp team as a technical support representative. My intention was to “make a little money” until I could apply to a local video game studio as a 3D model designer. That was over eleven years ago and yet I’m still here today writing a blog about SketchUp on behalf of the team.

How'd that happen?

It took one day of working with the outstanding folks behind SketchUp to realize that I had stepped into something magical. Everyone was so jazzed about 3D design and making it easy and accessible to anyone – 3D for everyone was (and still is) the mantra! Everyone cared about each other, worked hard, played hard, and above all, absolutely adored our customers.

Here I am, today, still surrounded by many of those same people, and loads of new faces, too. I’m also very proud to say that the culture has stayed almost exactly the same.

When you enter the SketchUp world, it’s not just an experience with software – it’s the culmination of countless hours of dedicated people who strive for that same mission: 3D for everyone.

But how can you meet the faces behind our products? 3D Basecamp, perhaps? Perhaps, but it’s not an option for everyone.

Trade shows? Sometimes. If you head to AIA, Greenbuild, or some of the other design or graphics events, you may see a humble SketchUp booth with some of our folks there smiling and ready to hand out socks or carpenter pencils. But again, that’s not for everyone.

So if our mantra is 3D for everyone, and our team creates the 3D platform, then you can also say that we’re one team of people for everyone. And from that perspective, it is my esteemed, honored, and humble pleasure to introduce the team behind SketchUp.

You can meet us all (and introduce yourself) on our new SketchUp Team Page.

I don’t want to describe too much about what it does. It’s meant to be experienced. Just like SketchUp, I recommend that you open the page and start clicking around to learn how it works. I will say, however, that you’ll notice that each member of the team is represented by a 2D scale figure component. If you want to download any of the figures, explore this 3D Warehouse collection. And if you’re curious about creating a 2D scale figure for yourself, we have some fresh Skill Builders for that.

But it’s not just a page about our team, either. We invite you to share a project you're working on, draw your own scale figure, or just say hello.

So the next time you use SketchUp, I invite you to think of it as a connection tool. Consider taking a moment to see the diverse people behind the red, green, and blue axes who have one goal in mind: to ensure that your experience with SketchUp is a successful, engaging, and fun adventure.

On behalf of our entire team, it’s a pleasure to meet you!