Introducing our new podcast: SketchUp Talk

SketchUp Talk Podcast
SketchUp: now available through your headphones!

Your favorite visual modeler just turned audible. You heard that right: SketchUp now has a podcast.

SketchUp Talk is an interview-based podcast about the world of 3D modeling and the people behind it. Each episode welcomes a SketchUp friend and superuser who has a story to tell beyond the axes. You'll hear advice from architects, tips and tricks from woodworkers, and even behind-the-scenes updates from the SketchUp team. 

To kick off the show, hosts Caroline Early, community manager, and Aaron Dietzen, sales engineer, welcome long-time SketchUp team member John Bacus. John has worn many hats on the SketchUp team over the last 15+ years. He currently serves as product manager and all-around great guy. 

SketchUp Talk's first guest: John Bacus, product manager at SketchUp!

In this episode, Caroline, Aaron, and John talk about:

  • Becoming a product manager for SketchUp
  • The early days of SketchUp and @Last
  • The move from Google to Trimble
  • What's next in the world of 3D

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Show Notes