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Ideas Made Real: a Wine Bar, a Trebuchet, a Skate Park, a Movie Model...

In November, we launched the Make Ideas Real project with the goal of creating a showcase of the best SketchUp work from around the world. To build out this showcase, we asked you all to share stories of how SketchUp is helping you to turn your ideas into something tangible. The response has been overwhelming.

In just one month, our launch video received nearly quarter million views and several hundred of you took the time to tell us your SketchUp story. Your positive reaction and the quality of the work you’ve shared with us is inspiring, but to truly blow out this showcase, we need to hear from even more of you.

If you haven’t yet told us your SketchUp story, share it now by filling out this form. If SketchUp has helped you turn an idea into reality, we want to hear about it.

And for your inspiration, here are just a few of the hundreds of quality submissions we’ve received so far:

Wine Bar design by Bertier Luyt of France

More images (See! You can use SketchUp to build a wine bar.)

Scout Trebuchet by Peter Leroux and friends of South Africa

More images | 3D model | Ropes and Poles blog

X Games Street and Park Courses by Dug Ketterman of California

Dug's website

The Machine by Evan Seccombe of California

A re-imagined prop from the film Contact, 3D printed

About the Author

Gopal Shah is a true visionary. He's able to see the world in 3 dimensions (without special glasses). His other superpower is being able to tie his shoes and whistle at the same time. He's pretty good at SketchUp too. He's even better at admiring people who are good at SketchUp.