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How to live in a tiny house... with a ginormous dog

Living in a tiny house is not for everyone. Curiously, the people who design, build, and live in tiny homes are the first ones to admit that.

I’ve met several ‘tiny housers’ over the past year. I don’t always envy their lifestyles, but I have developed a new appreciation for getting rid of things (not to mention a bewilderment around where all the tupperware in my life has come from).

We first introduced ourselves to Macy Miller and James Herndon (of, because we had a SketchUp crush on their tiny home plans. But as we’ve gotten to know Macy and James, and their daughter Hazel… and their Great Dane, we’ve also got a closer look into how living with less space can make a little bit more room in your life.


About the Author

A product manager on the SketchUp team, Mark is also an avid Colorado outdoorsman. You’re likely to find him roaming Boulder's mountain bike trails, scaring up marmots, pikas, and black bears.

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