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Discover your new favorite models. Easy.

3D Warehouse's new categories feature in action.

With millions of models and 17 languages, it can be hard to find exactly what you’re looking for on 3D Warehouse. We don’t want you to miss that perfect model, so we’ve been working on ways to help you discover those hidden gems.

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Categories on 3D Warehouse. Categories make it easier to search and browse in the world's largest 3D model library.

Give it a try!

Better browsing

Not exactly sure what you’re looking for? Let 3D Warehouse do the heavy lifting. Start with an "empty search." 1. Select a Category.  2. Watch the search results update. 3. Get inspired.

Refining your search

The quality of the search results depends on the text the author uses to describe their model. In some cases, the description doesn’t match the content at all. Searching can be like finding a needle in a needle-stack. Ouch!

Selecting a Category helps to filter out the models that aren't related to the description.

Sorting by Subcategory

If you know exactly what you need, refine your search further by selecting a Subcategory. Need an accent chair for a client's living room? Select the "Residential" Subcategory and watch the relevant models roll in.

The Subcategory filter refines your 3D Warehouse searches even further.
Narrowing down your search with Subcategories is a cinch.

Filtering by real-world products

Need to search for buyable 3D models? Switch on the Manufacturer Model filter. Voila! It's time to go shopping.

Toggling on the Manufacturer Model filter in 3D Warehouse allows you to see real-world products.
The Manufacturer Model filter is a time-saver when trying to find products you can actually buy.

Categorizing your models

Categorization on 3D Warehouse is just getting started... and you can help make it better! As the first step, we hope you’ll categorize your models as you upload them to 3D Warehouse. It’s easy!

Categorizing your models when you upload them to 3D Warehouse is a breeze.
Categorizing your model makes for happy browsing and searching. Plus, it gives you a better chance of getting in front of the right audience.

Categories make it much easier to find great content on 3D Warehouse, even when the titles and descriptions are lacking, or in a language different from your own.

For design professionals, Categories will make content browsing much more efficient and fun. Personally, we think efficiency is ridiculously fun!

And, if you’re a manufacturer or retailer who wants to get your products in front of design professionals and consumers, we hope you’ll make 3D Warehouse a categorical imperative for 2019.

Happy browsing!

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Peter Saal is the Product Manager for 3D Warehouse. When Peter's not working, you might find him hanging out in his garage playing with a CNC or checking the calibration on a fine tequila.

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