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Announcing the 3D Basecamp EDU Ascent Competitions

Announcing the 3D Basecamp EDU Ascent, a new competition for students and educators.

3D Basecamp is where SketchUp users meet to teach and inspire others. At our last Basecamp in Vail, we realized that an important part of the SketchUp community was underrepresented: teachers and students who use SketchUp to teach and inspire all the time.

Realizing that it’s not always easy for this group to make it to 3D Basecamp, we decided to create a competition that would help college students and K-12 educators make the trip and simultaneously inspire SketchUp users everywhere to a higher pursuit of learning through 3D modeling. Today, we’re happy to announce the 3D Basecamp EDU Ascent Competitions.

Are you a K-12 educator who has embraced your inner 3D super-modeler and built stellar curriculum using SketchUp? Our K-12 Educators Competition is for you.

Or if you are a college student who bleeds and sweats SketchUp (and caffeine) after all-nighters, we want to see your incredible studio projects. Enter our Student Competition.

Whether you excel at lesson plan mastery or 3D modeling, we want to see your best work. The top five entrants from each competition will win a free trip to 3D Basecamp. Entries are due March 31st, 2016: have at it!

Want a heads up on the lowdown? Visit the Basecamp EDU Ascent Competitions for all the details, including the Official Rules. You’re eligible to enter if you are a student at a higher education institution or a K-12 Educator. For this first go-around, we’re only accepting entries from the U.S. and Canada.

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