SketchUp Pro Case Study: Tropman & Tropman Architects

As part of the ongoing SketchUp “Down Under” series, Sheryl Uytiepo of Tropman & Tropman Architects, a multi-disciplined design firm in Sydney, Australia, provided some great graphics and input into how they use SketchUp.

Why SketchUp?
“There are several reasons why I prefer using Sketchup over other 3D visualisation programs. I believe that architecture should be informed by its site and the ease in which SketchUp models are incorporated in Google Earth is an extremely useful tool that allows you to see what impact the design proposal will have on the site.”

Project: The Red Palace | Design Director: Tasman Storey

“I also find that I am able to model more quickly and efficiently using SketchUp. It is very easy to learn so I am often able to pass off a lot of modelling work to my colleagues regardless of their 3D expertise. Which as you can imagine is extremely important in regards to deadlines."

Project: The Red Palace | Design Director: Tasman Storey

Some of the graphics were produced using SketchUp with the iRender rendering program. I asked Sheryl about when and why they produce photorealistic images:

“The method of render whether photo-realistic or sketch is dependant on the idea that we are trying to convey. Throughout the design development period of a project we tend to create several sketch models and hundreds of sketch like images to show the relation between use, mass and space. More importantly it allows us to convey several concepts to the client from which they can inform us what design or aspects of design they prefer."

Project: Atturaif Historic District

“Generally we tend to shy away from images that are too photorealistic in the beginning because we don't want the client to think that what the image proposes is exactly what will be built. Then as the project progresses and the client solidifies certain aspects of the design we develop more detailed and thus more photorealistic images. The most important aspect of the photo-realistic image is the atmosphere they convey.”

Project: Atturaif Historic District

Big thanks to Sheryl and the team at Tropman & Tropman Architects for sharing their work. Cheers!

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