Our friend, Joshua Cohen

May 12, 2015

Joshua Cohen is a longtime SketchUp user and the owner of Fat Pencil Studio (fatpencilstudio.com). Based in Portland, FPS builds technical illustrations and compelling presentation for various industries. → Seen on the SketchUp Blog here: http://blog.sketchup.com/sketchupdate/inside-mind-joshua-cohen-and-fat-pencil-studio Special thanks to Fat Pencil Studio Produced by: SketchUp & Wit House www.withouseproductions.com Directed by: Wit House Cinematography by: Dane Henry Digital www.shootcutcreate.com Edited by: Wit House Music by: Cleod 9 Music www.cleod9music.com Color by: Post Modern Company www.postmodernco.com

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Fat Pencil Studio: Building and Organizing Models for Presentation

Joshua Cohen of Fat Pencil Studio talks through his process for construction logistics modeling including c...

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