What's up with SketchUp in 2018?

November 14, 2017 Mark Harrison

So, what’s up with SketchUp in 2018?

For starters, we’re rolling out our annual superlative desktop update: SketchUp Pro 2018. We focused in on some important workflows in this release. In particular, you’ll find big improvements for managing section planes, extracting model data into aggregated reports for takeoffs, and making even better drawings from your SketchUp models.

Named sections, filled section cuts, aggregated reports, scaled 2D illustration: there is a lot to explore in SketchUp Pro 2018Got release notes?

And there’s another big piece of news: we’re bringing our web modeler out of beta, and introducing SketchUp Free: 3D modeling for everyone, in a browser.

Instantly launchable at SketchUp.com/Free, SketchUp Free is quick, stable, and able. We think everyone in the world should have access to free 3D modeling, so SketchUp Free is built to be used by millions of people everywhere. Get to know SketchUp Free...

SketchUp Free: 3D modeling for everyone, in a web browser. Get going at SketchUp.com/Free

This technology -- which compiles the core of SketchUp into a web browser -- is also behind SketchUp for Schools, one of the most popular apps in G Suite for Education*. That means our new web applications share the DNA of our desktop modeler… and that we’ve committed to providing the performance and stability of SketchUp to everyone, everywhere.

Today, most ‘everyone’ uses our desktop softwares, SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Make. We released a maintenance update for SketchUp Make this past October and in fact that will be the last update for our free desktop version. Because so many people use it, we’ll continue to offer SketchUp Make for download on our website. But we won’t continue developing it.

We are committed to a future with free 3D tools that are easier to access, learn, and share with others. SketchUp Free is the most simple, seamless 3D modeling we could imagine, and our best shot to bring it to as many people as possible.

And if you depend on SketchUp for work, know that we’ll continue to build out SketchUp Pro to help you evaluate more ideas, produce superb drawings, and make better buildings. SketchUp was born from your work, and we’re committed to making our professional software (more than) worth every dime you spend on it.

So, what’s up with SketchUp in 2018? We’re all in on 3D for everyone. What else?

Check out our recent SketchUp Live for a review of all that's new in SketchUp Pro 2018!

*Ed note: As of publish date, SketchUp for Schools is actually the most popular education app in G Suite for Education.

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