Build the Impossible – Dave Cooperstein | 3D Basecamp 2018

November 2, 2018

Dave Cooperstein PGAV Destinations Architect / Senior Creative Designer What do you do when someone puts a sketch of a turtle-shaped restaurant on your desk… or a circular, spiraling space frame observation tower… and asks you to build it in SketchUp? By harnessing the power of lateral thinking, you can build just about anything using SketchUp. When Push-Pull and Follow Me won’t get you there, lateral thinking forces you to invent a new approach to modeling, approaching problems in an indirect way, using reasoning that is not immediately obvious or obtainable by traditional step-by-step logic. This is how you open up a new world of possibilities in SketchUp. This presentation will look at several real-world examples of lateral thinking in the context of themed attraction and experiential design, demonstrating the unique approach, methods, techniques, and tools required for lateral thinking in 3D.

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